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Client Information Form
   GALA TRAVEL AGENCY 2947 W Eastman Drive Anthem, AZ 85086 1-800-518-5256/ Fax 1-877-966-6379  
TRIP SUMMARY (Destination __________________________):
Note: Date: _________________    Number of guest(s) traveling:  _____ (Please print the names of each guest exactly as they appear on their passport or state issued ID.    
1. Name: ______________________________________DOB: _____________
    Address: _______________________City/State: ___________________ Zip Code/CA Code ____________     
Passport #:          N/A                                       Exp. Date: _________________        Country: US/CA   
Email Address: _______________________________  

2.     Name: ______________________________________DOB: _____________
    Address: _______________________City/State:___________________ Zip Code:____________      Passport #:         N/A                                        Exp. Date:___________________       Country: US/CA   
Email Address: _______________________________ Emergency Contact Person and Phone Number _________________________________ Add Additional travelers:

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CLIA and ARC #03524430